Scoping multi-species genotyping for genome-environment association study

Project lead(s)   Professor Richard Buggs | Senior Research Leader | RBG Kew
Project status   Completed pilot year project
Project funding  £162K
Research outcome   Adaptation
This pilot project will germinate and generate genome-wide SNP data for around 1500 seedlings from 2–3 species of tree that have been banked under the UK National Tree Seed Project (UKNTSP) that have short germination times, such as downy and silver birch. The population structure of each of the target species’ UK distribution will be analysed and interpreted with reference to the history of colonisation and planting in the UK. We will carry out genome-environment association studies to seek genes involved in local adaptation.
This project will deliver:

  • UK-wide, publicly available genome-wide SNP data for 2–3 UK broadleaved tree species.
  • A report and assessment of the degree of local adaptation in UK populations of these species and suggestions as to how these data could inform seed sourcing for tree planting projects.
Silver birch (Betula pendula) seedling.  

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