A new reference genome from a healthy ash tree

Our researchers have been busy creating a new genome resource

As part of our ash pangenome project, our research team at Kew have been working on a new linear reference genome from an individual ash tree that has low susceptibility to ash dieback. You can find out more about the new genome assembly on Kew’s ash genome website.

Kew scientists Dr Laura Kelly and Dr Mohammad Vatanparast worked with Forest Research to identify an individual tree that seems to be less susceptible to ash dieback infection than other trees planted on the same plot. The selected tree is currently showing very few symptoms.

DNA was extracted from this individual and the genome has been sequenced and assembled to provide a reference for the Kew team to use in their research into ash dieback. This is the third ash reference genome that Kew have released, and will be of use to scientists interested in the genetic basis of resistance to this invasive fungal disease that has badly affected ash trees across Europe.

Please contact Dr Laura Kelly (l.kelly@kew.org) if you are interested in using the genome in your research.

Dr Laura Kelly, Research Leader


Mohammad Vatanparast, Postdoctoral Researcher standing in front of a tree

Dr Mohammad Vatanparast, Postdoctoral Researcher




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